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Exclusive KT-UK Mug £11 including postage

Fly the flag! There's no finer way to show others who you are, than with the official KT-UK flag. Only £23 (incl postage) Pole not included.

Made of long lasting mixed material, the size is 5' x 3'

KT-UK Shield Logo Iron Patch Embroidered

KT-UK Keyring

£8.50 (incl Postage)
£4.25 (incl Postage)

KT-UK Coaster (Pair)

KT-UK Car Window Sticker

£7.00 (incl Postage)
£3.95 (incl Postage)

NB  Buyers outside the UK  We use  International Standard postage and orders may take between 10-28 days to be delivered, Minimum order for overseas is £15.

Official Patch

Dress Badge

Dress Cap