Templar Badges, Insignia & Pendants

Show others that you are proud to be associated with the Knights Templar.org.uk Browse our fine selection of Templar insignia, All badges and our own KT-UK key ring are just £3.99. A quality Dual purpose writing and touch pen for tablets/phones. £3.99. All prices include postage.

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NB  Buyers outside the UK  We use  International Standard postage and orders may take between 10-28 days to be delivered, Minimum order for overseas is £15.


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  • infidel shield
  • infidel flag

  • Knights Templar shield
  • Knight armed

  • Templar kneeling

  • Knights shield

  • knights templar shield

  • hat

  • A quality dual purpose Knights Templar pen. One click and it's smooth flowing writing instrument. Click again and it's a touch screen pen for your smart phone/tablet. Finished in gunmetal and engraved with Knights Templar Organisation.

    Items below can only be ordered by KT-UK Knights & Dames

    Official Patch

    Official KT Ring

    Dress Badge

    Dress Cap