Templar Badges, Insignia etc.

There's nothing like showing others that you are proud to be associated with the Knights Templar. Browse our fine selection of Templar insignia, badges and Key rings, all at low prices. All badges are just £2.99 plus £1 p&p, Leather Key Rings £3.99 plus £1  p&p

Official KT-UK ring only £32.45. Price includes p&p.

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  • infidel shield
  • infidel flag

  • Knights Templar shield
  • Knight armed

  • Templar kneeling

  • Knights shield

  • knights templar shield

  • hat


    These two items,

    Official KT-UK Ring and Dress Badge,
    can only be ordered by member Knights & Dames. For full details and to order, please click below